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IIBA Webinar - Taking the Pulse of Agile by Brad Foster, Nov 7, 2023 12 -1 PM HST

Tuesday, November 7, 2023 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm

Taking the Pulse of Agile

by Brad Foster


About the Event


Explore Agile and discover how Agile's principles wield transformative influence over traditional roles and responsibilities for Business Analysts (BA). Gain unique insights into Agile's origins, its broad cross-industry impact, and its distinct reception in the alluring backdrop of Hawaii.
We will transcend certifications, promoting Agile as a powerful mindset. Discover how adaptability and cross-functional collaboration can accelerate your professional journey. We’ll touch upon Artificial Intelligence (AI), revealing how AI-driven insights align seamlessly with Agile's data-powered principles, gleaning insights from cutting-edge organizations and industry thought leaders. Elevate your professional journey with transformative takeaways.
Register now to unlock exclusive details and giveaways, including "Success Accelerators". Join us for this fast-paced and insightful tour and “pump up the volume” as a BA today.
Innovative Learning Objectives and Key Takeaways:

  1. Advanced Role of Bas
    • Gain an understanding of the multifaceted role of BA professionals play in Agile, Innovation, and DevSecOps environments, where their contributions are vital. Explore how BAs prioritize test cases, enhance security measures, and plan sustainable and secure solutions within DevSecOps practices.
  1. Effective Agile Practices
    • Explore advanced Agile practices and delve into how BAs contribute, including their involvement in crafting user stories and collaborating closely with Product Owners.
  1. Driving Innovation
    • Learn how BAs and Product Owners collaborate to foster innovation by translating visionary concepts into customer-centric features that align with business objectives.
  1. Collaboration and Continuous Improvement
    • Discover the collaborative synergy between BAs and Scrum Masters in Agile settings. Understand how these roles collaborate to tackle impediments and blockers, enhance inter-team communication, and drive continuous process improvement.

Don't miss this opportunity to join our fast-paced and insightful tour of Agile and the BA role.

Event Registration
This event is virtual via Zoom. RSVP here for the Zoom meeting link.


About Brad Foster
Innovation with Agile Mindset | Champion Scalable, Secure Solutions, Cross-Cultural Collaboration, Customer Success, Innovation & Sustainability | Proud Boeing & TCS Alumni
Marked by a commitment to Agile values, entailing servant leadership, adaptive planning, and value-driven delivery principles while seamlessly applied to various industries, promoting team growth, enhancing communication efficiency, and augmenting product value.
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We’ll unpack the transformative potential of Agile methodologies, discussing Hawaii's unique Agile landscape and the Agile BA professional.

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▶︎ Webinar - Virtual ▶︎ Date: Tuesday, Nov 7th, 2023 ▶︎ Time: 12:00 - 1:00 PM (HST)
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Online via Zoom
Brad Foster
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