Frequently Asked Questions about IIBA Membership

Do I need to be a Member of the IIBA to be a Member of the Chapter?  
Yes, the IIBA requires that you be a member of the IIBA to be a Chapter Member.
How do I join the IIBA?    
Go to the Membership page on IIBA.org and it will explain how to join.
What is the cost to join the IIBA? 
See the rates on IIBA website.

Questions about IIBA Hawaii Chapter Membership

How do I check my membership status & renewal date with the local IIBA Hawaii Chapter?

If you are not sure about your local membership status or when your local membership expires there is an easy way to check in your account profile:

1. Be sure you are signed into the website and click the "MY PROFILE" link on the top navigation bar (see screen shot)


2. Click the "Membership" tab on the next screen (see screen shot)


3. You will now see your membership status and your annual renewal date! 

4. If your membership has expired or you did not join as a member then you should see a "Click here" link to purchase a membership (see screen shot)


5. Click the link to join or renew.

If you are a paid member of the LOCAL IIBA Hawaii Chapter, you will also receive an alert message when you sign into the chapter website as your membership is nearing the expiration date (note sample screen shot). This message will appear on every page until you renew or dismiss it.


You can also join or renew by clicking any of the "Join For" buttons like the one below at the very bottom of this page. If you have any additional comments or questions please use the comment submission. This FAQ was requested by community engagement - Mahalo!

Do I need to be a Member of the IIBA to be a Member of the Chapter? 
Yes, the IIBA requires that you be a member of the IIBA to be a Chapter Member.
How do I join the Chapter? 
If you wish to participate in the growth of the IIBA Hawaii Chapter, please follow these steps:
1. Register on the IIBA.org global website (Please note: IIBA.org and ALL regional chapter websites use unique usernames and passwords).
2. Join the IIBA. After you have your IIBA Member ID from your receipt or from your IIBA.org Member Profile, then
3. Join the Hawaii Chapter here (Please note: use a unique username and password seperate from your IIBA.org Member Profile account).
4. This will generate emails to both you and us. Also, we will use the listserv there for members-only email.
Watch the recorded session from the membership Q & A presented by our Director of Membership:

What is the Cost to join the Chapter? 
The cost for a standard membership is $20.00 per year to be a member of the IIBA Hawaii Chapter starting in fiscal year 2020. Full-time student, academic, corporate and other special membership levels are available! Please discuss them with the Director of Membership.

What are the benefits of joining?
Check out the Chapter Benefits page to learn all about the latest benefits provided by the IIBA Hawaii Chapter. All local for our Hawaiian IIBA Business Analyst Ohana! Additionally, reach out to the leadership team at events and ask us. We love to talk all things Business Analysis as it pertains to Hawaii. After all, our moto is "Promoting the practice and profession of Business Analysis in Hawaii."

Why do some established chapters not charge?
More established IIBA regional chapters organize and hold annual "Professional Development Days" as a fundraising mechanism for chapter expenses and do not have annual membership fees. Instead, they provide volunteering hours to support chapter activities and provide members with many opportunities to earn Professional Development Units (PDU), which can be applied to maintaining certification or in some cases for the certification application process. Other established regional chapters have long-term corporate patrons that sponsor them. Ultimately, these are our long-term chapter goals. Initially, we will have a membership fee to help build the long-term stability of the chapter. Your stakeholder feedback on this will be vital to our success as a regional chapter. The more volunteers we have, the faster we can get to the point that we use fundraising mechanisms more established IIBA local chapters utilize!

Will membership costs be deductible?
The Hawaii Chapter is a qualified not-for-profit professional organization recognized as such by the Secretary of State for the State of Hawaii and has received formal recognition as a not-for-profit from the IRS, but we are not classified as a charity for outright patronage for sponshorships or non-membership related donations. You should discuss your individual tax situation with a qualified tax professional as there is pending tax code legislation that may affect your ability to deduct professional membership fees based on your particular financial situation. Also, you should have a discussion about the IIBA global fees with your tax professional, as the IIBA is a recognized not-for-profit in its headquarter country of Canada. 

Didn't answer your question?
If you have additonal questions, please do not hesitate to reach out and discuss them with a member of our leadership team!
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