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Student Chapter Membership 2020 (12 months)

Student Chapter Membership 2020 (12 months)


To join our Chapter for 2020 as a student, you must be an active member of the IIBA and a Full-Time student as defined by your academic institution for undergraduate or graduate status. Our Director of Membership will require a valid student ID or current copy of registration status. Please read the chapter FAQ to understand the difference between IIBA and IIBA Hawaii Chapter membership. 

You will see a PayPal pop-up screen at the end of the cart process to enter your credit card information. You can also use a Prepaid Gift Card for payment via PayPal's Redemption Program! To learn how PayPal works click the PayPal logo below:

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If you have an Academic Membership Discount Code, please have it ready and be sure to click the section marked "Coupons" to open the discount code input field after entering the checkout process. It will be on the billing address screen between the phone number field and the "continue to next step" button. Learn more about IIBA Academic Membership here.

If there is no green "Add to cart" button below, then you are not signed into the IIBA Hawaii Chapter website. Registered users of IIBA Hawaii, please log into the website first! Your IIBA.org login will not work on the IIBA Hawaii Chapter website, create a new account here, if you do not have an IIBA Hawaii Chapter account already. - Mahalo!

Please click the "Add to cart" button, then click the "your cart" link that appears when the button changes to proceed with the checkout process